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The ENGWALD Corporation, manufacturers of Exhaust Eliminating Systems, has, after years of research and extensive testing by capable engineers, perfected various exhaust systems. Our systems are guaranteed and provide the ultimate in design and operating efficiency. The ENGWALD systems have been approved by state and City Labor, Health and Hygiene Department.

We Specialize in:
  • Automotive Systems
• Industrial Systems
• Blowers
• Welding Booths
• Counterbalanced Fume Exhausters


The ENGWALD Corporation specializes in the development and manufacturing of carbon monoxide exhaust systems. These systems provide the ultimate in efficiency and savings. Engwald systems are available in several types-engineered to suit your specific problems. Engwald systems make a neat appearance in your shop. They eliminate loss of heat and working hours.

ENGWALD fume exhausters are manufactured in portable and stationary types. They are applicable for exhausting fumes at their source created by welding, soldering, brazing and other fume problems. Engwald fume exhausters are easily installed without interruption to your production.

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